Coleraine Art Society Autumn/Winter Workshops

17th August 2018


Coleraine Art Society Autumn/Winter Workshops Programme

We're delighted to continue our support to the wonderful Coleraine Art Society, first established in 1948. We have a long-standing association with the group and have observed its ongoing transformation to a welcoming and dynamic local voluntary arts group which encourages a love of visual arts. Membership is open to anyone with this interestm and you'll find membership info below.

To celebrate the Society’s 70th anniversary they are partnering with two talented local artists to deliver a series of workshops aimed at developing skills of observation and drawing as well as the use of colour and materials. The workshops run on the second Wednesday of each month from 7pm to 9.30pm, here at Flowerfield. These are free to Society members and all levels of abilities are welcome.

The first series of workshops will be facilitated by Raymond Kennedy. 
Raymond’s own work focuses on the sometimes overlooked places within the landscape and presents a fresh look at these views. Raymond is facilitating a series of practical workshops where you will be asked to look at still life objects in a fresh way by using different approaches and techniques.

12th September 2018-LINE
Using pencils and ballpoint pens we will focus our attention on the varied potential of drawing with line. Bring pencils and pens.

10th October 2018-CHIAROSCURO
The focus of this workshop will be the age-old method of representing light and shade. We will be studying still-life objects (and more) using compressed charcoal and rubbers.

14th November 2018-FORM
The illusion of 3-dimensional objects appearing on a 2-dimensional surface (ie. paper) has fascinated artists for centuries. This session will get us involved in drawing methods to explore this paradox, once again based on still life objects. Bring pencils, rubbers, pens and charcoal.

12th December 2018-TEXTURE 
We often take it for granted but the sense of touch is vital to our understanding of the world around us. This session will use Still-Life to get us looking again at surfaces and seeing how drawing can be used to explore texture. Bring pencils, rubbers, pens and charcoal. The second series of workshops will be facilitated by Sara Cunningham Bell. 
Sara's work employs a wide range of media to observe life along the coastline and fields. Sara is facilitating a series of sessions where you will use different media to explore aspects of composition, layering and mark-making.

09th January 2019-LOW RELIEF WITH LIGHT
Exploring the quality of relief on a flat background. This experimentation can be further translated into clay, steel, wood. Please bring a small tube of super glue, scissors and ruler.

13th February 2019-LAYERING CREATIVITY 
Exploring acrylic layering with mixed media looking at the symbolism of the face. Please bring pencils, pens, and paint brushes.

13th March 2019-WATER AND PIGMENT
Exploring alternative and traditional approaches to watercolour. Please bring watercolours and appropriate paper. If your media is watercolour, please bring an example of your work!

10th April 2019-AGM

Come along and have your say in the way the society is run.

How to become a Member
Joining is easy! Simply come along to one of our evenings and pay your membership then.  You can request a membership form by contacting us on Facebook, or by emailing or following us on twitter @colerainearts. 
Membership fees for the year are
Adults £20
Family £30
Students £15

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