Causeway Collection 100

7 August to 11 September

An exhibition showcasing artwork from the last 100 years from Causeway Coast and Glens Borough Council’s Arts and Museum

Four Day Beginners Throwing Masterclass

11-14 August

Beginners four day pottery throwing masterclass with Fiona Shannon

Design and Make your own Fused Glass Plate

11th August 2021

Design and make your own colourful glass plate with Natasha Duddy

Summer Beach Yoga at Benone

13th August 2021

Relax and imagine in the beautiful surroundings of Benone Beach in our yoga session

Saturday Lunchtimes Live in the Park: String Ninjas

14th August 2021

Join the fabulous String Ninjas on our terrace in the park from 12noon-1pm

Agateware Masterclass

18-19 August

Learn about the craft of agateware in this two part workshop with Lorna Noble

Creative Mindfulness Walk at Whiterocks Beach

20th August 2021

Join Tree & Tide for a creative mindfulness walk at Whiterocks Beach

More is Different by Sara Cunningham Bell

27 August to 1 September

More is Different - a series of sculptures displayed in Flowerfield Park

Tribes and Tribulations by Helen Merrigan Colfer


A virtual visit to this stunning exhibition which we hosted in our galleries during successive lockdowns in late 2020/ea

Isolation In Lockdown

From 3 August 2020

Artwork created during lockdown by the Pavestone Collective

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