Flowerfield Creative Kids

23rd April 2020


Join Flowerfield Creative Kids on Facebook for lots of creative activities for your children

We’ve launched a new group on Facebook called ‘Facebook Creative Kids’ which is to support parents and guardians at home in providing fun, engaging creative challenges for their kids and families to do together.

Selected artwork will be exhibited right here in Flowerfield when we reopen and all participating families will be invited to come along to a fantastic Arty-Party we’ll be having later in the year.

Art challenges are posted on Monday and Wednesday weekday mornings with special family Weekend Art challenges posted on Fridays.

All artwork is shared across our social media platforms including Facebook, twitter and Instagram.

All we ask is that you take a photo of your child’s artwork or activity and post online, either by sharing to the Facebook group or tagging us ~ remember to give your child’s name and age and use the hashtag #flowerfieldcreativekids

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