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9th April 2020


S p a c e

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Welcome to the first of our online exhibitions, 'Space'. We asked creatives to respond to the concept of space - we are all reflecting on space at the moment, be it increased awareness of our physical boundaries via social distancing measures, the emotional boundaries we are also aware of within our 'stay at home' families, or our own mental health coping mechanisms, needing space on our own.

The artists have responded in such interesting ways, some reflecting on a craving or appreciation of outside, some more honed on the current covid-19 crisis and its implications for how we are living and how our normal practice and habits have altered.

The current exhibition continues until 30 April and we will be hosting our next online exhibition during May.

Click here to view

To seek further Space online content on our social media pages, search for the hashtag #virtuallyflowerfield

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