Tell your story at our STORY event with Tenx9

12th October 2020


Do you have a story to tell at our upcoming Tenx9 event?

We are so excited to have our next Northern Lights event coming up on 30 October at 7:30pm. We will be joined by the amazing Tenx9 via Zoom bringing us true stories about FEAR!

Tenx9 is a unique storytelling event where nine people have up to ten minutes each to tell a true story from their own life. Created in Belfast in 2011 by Pádraig Ó Tuama & Paul Doran, the concept now takes place in over 17 countries around the world and has truly been welcomed with wide open arms to the Causeway Coast and Glens area. The theme for this event is fear, which can be interpreted in any way, shape or form!

They are looking for storytellers so if you have a true story on the theme “Fear" then get in touch at or email them:

Read the editorial guidelines for writing your story at:

If you have any trouble with literacy, no problem, you can just send tenx9 a quick message with your number using the contact form on their website and they will phone you and listen to your submission over the phone.

Share this with any of the true storytellers you know and encourage them to tell their story!

This project is receiving financial support through Council’s Good Relations Programme. The purpose of the event / activity is to bring people together, using creative arts as a method of connecting people from different community and cultural backgrounds using shared spaces (whether online or in a specific location) so that we can build positive relations using the medium of the creative arts.


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